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Posted by Renita Weber on 05-Mar-2020 at 19:25:57 EST

When is your 2020 Pancake Breakfast?<br><br>

Posted by Christian M on 18-Aug-2018 at 23:22:58 EST
Subject: Info about volunteer firefighters

I live in Clifton and would like to inquire info about it volunteer program

Posted by Alberto Dente on 19-Dec-2011 at 21:31:08 EST

Thanks for doing what you do! The guys that did Santa were superb and the kids loved the Candy Canes! The Ladder truck looked great and the guys running the show (line officers?) deserve a round of applause!<br><br>Al

Posted by Ben Franklin on 19-Oct-2011 at 08:12:26 EST

You web site is very bare.....What do you guys do? Where are the photos of members and fires??